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C    O    R    P    O    R    A    T    I    O    N

The Broadcast Industry's Research Authority Since 1982
* Product roll out plans
* Conjoint analysis
* White papers & communications
* Authored articles
* Distribution planning
* Capital sourcing
D.I.S. Consulting Corporation
Custom Strategic Business Services
for Equipment Manufacturers 

D.I.S. assists client companies with a variety of consulting services on a custom/bespoke basis including, but not limited to:

* Market sizing
* Business plans
* Marketing plans
* Communications plans
* Custom research projects
* Public relations

Who can use these services? 

The CEO of a smaller company seeking to build his or her business. The product manager wanting to launch a new product or test its market perception.  A technical manager wanting to determine what the next generation of products will need. A sales manager wanting to forecast new volumes. A corporate planner making long term projections. 

How to best use D. I. S. 

Use us as your product tester. Use us as a consultant. Use us as custom researchers. Use us as your distribution expander. Use us as an adjunct to your in-house marketing staff. Use us as your market analyst and we can fit our analysis to meet your specific requirements.

Why use us?

We can save you money. And, we can help you make more money. You'll know better where the greatest growth will come from and be able to better target just those prospects. And you'll know what to avoid-- another money saver. 

After years of consulting to the NAB Show, and of course attending since the 1970s, several years ago D.I.S. Consulting became a strategic research partner of the NAB Show. That relationship entails benefits to both parties and encompasses joint activities, list and resource access and periodic special projects such as the multiple-year global reports that were previously produced. D.I.S. also periodically supplies special content to the NAB Show for use in its publications and newsletters.

But the relationship actually goes back, albeit more informally, to the early 1980s when D.I.S. routinely supplied research extracts to the NAB Show's research library and received help from that same body.

D.I.S. exhibits at the annual convention, as well, and is usually found alongside other industry associations and groups such as SMPTE, SBE and IEEE in the upper lobby of South Hall (at the top of the escalators). Consult the NAB Show Guide for exact details. 
D.I.S. and the NAB Show Continue their 
Strategic Partnership

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