News Market in Turmoil as Traditional Model is Abandoned for Digital Journalism

D. I. S' News Work-flow World tm 2009 again tracked technology and brand share shifts in the work flows found within news, worldwide. The report is now available.
2009 saw widespread global news department layoffs, especially at major TV networks. The axe fell heaviest amongst the most seasoned staff, including veteran anchors. Whole divisions were made redundant and the trend -- away from the traditional ENG model and tracking towards an increasingly mobile Digital journalist one. This wrecked havoc on sales of news-related product categories and it remains unclear whether the order of things will ever be the same. The report clarifies where the impact has been felt the hardest, charts where things are going in 2010 and four years beyond.  

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Pricing Pressures have Wreaked Havoc
The transition to freelance and smaller internal footprints have not only curtailed growth in many areas of broadcasting and cable but call into question the amounts of money that customers may be willing to spend in coming years. There is opportunity in this revolution, but it seems to be applying most to the laptop makers, software makers and smaller, cheaper brands. Prices are in free fall. And, manufacturers are just as challenged as end-users by all this change.

Key Issues Addressed
    * How will the sour economy affect the growth of news?
    * How will the model of freelance, all-Digital journalists affect the type and quantity of news equipment purchases? 
    * How does this affect the work flows?
    * To what degree is Cloud a factor?
    * What is happening to prices and profits?
    * What technologies are most driving news purchases?
    * Who are the leading shares holders, by genre?
    * Who is now running news?
    * How is automation changing the news division?

Brands Covered
Apple, Autodesk/Discreet, Adobe, Avid, Asaca, Blackmagic, Chyron, EMC, EVS, Grass Valley Group, Harris/Leitch/ASC, Hitachi, IBM, Ikegami, Omneon, Omnibus, Panasonic, Philips/DVS, Quantel, Snell, SeaChange, Silicon Graphics Incorporated (SGI), Sony, Sun Microsystems, to name just a few of the many brands covered in the study.

The HD Transition Continues
Despite the 'to the barricades' mood in news departments, there continues to be a transition towards an all-HD presentation replete with all the work flow components being retrofitted to accommodate not only the resolution of HD, but the screen-related aspect ratio of 16 X 9. This is creating opportunities.
Reporting Is Changing
There's a brush fire in the hills of California, an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, riots in Athens. How will it be covered? Not as much with full-fledged news crews and traditional ENG gear, but with mobile phone videos, laptops, WIFI, Digital journalists and Google maps. The whole landscape of news gathering is being turned on its head. We show you where. And, who the winners and losers are and are going to be.

How Does This Affect What Stations Will Buy?
Of course, life goes on, and stations do have need to replenish some equipment and -- some of them -- to provide for new channels or other facilities. But, clearly, this year and beyond, it will be critical to track exactly who has the budget, who has the plans and where in the world they are. D. I. S.' News Work flow World tm 2009 can show you the way to identify the best prospect segments and regions and actually benefit from the otherwise challenging transition.   
News Workflow World  
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Media Storage World  
A 2009 Slowdown Gives Way to a 2010 Surge
After a very strong 2008 for storage, where Terabytes of storage capacity were being purchased like commodities, the Recession caused a substantial slowdown in 2009, despite demands. The D.I.S. storage report clarifies where things were the worst and best, by type of storage, dividing the market into data on Local, Shared and Mass/Clustered solutions and brands.

More importantly, as a dynamic recovery is predicted by end-users, from from the economic downturn, D.I.S. is also able to identify where the sales will most likely come from, who will benefit most and predicts the timing and heights to which the market will climb in the out years of the rest of the decade. 

Major Brands See Major Re-Shuffling of Rankings
The Recession created a slowdown that produced a decline in the storage market, shook out some brands and juggled the positions of the manufacturers in a way worth looking at. As 2010 unfolds, there will be a battle for shares not seen for years.

Key Issues Addressed
* 2010 Shows Promise for a Substantial Bounce-Back
* New Brands Joining the Battle & Stir Up the Share Stew
* Terabytes of Hard Drive Capacity Becoming a Commodity Buy
* Impact of New Technologies Like Cloud
* What Specs and Features do End-Users Seek in the Next Generation?
* Habits and Ownership by Broadcast and Pro End-User by Segment, Region and Major Application
* Type of Media or System Used for Housing Data or Media Files
* User Preferences for Future Media Storage Devices
* Types of Media Storage Studied: Local, Shared and Mass/Clustered
* Growing Capacities Calculated in Terabytes
* Relationship of Storage to Rest of the Post Work-Flows
* Role of Storage vs. Media Servers
* Average Price Per (TB) Unit of Storage
* Brand Shares of Leading Brands of Storage Providers by Type
* Quantification of Units and Dollars of Storage by Type, Segment and Region
* New Storage Technologies
* Major Market Drivers and Impediments to Growth
* Installed Base, Past 12 month purchases (2009), future 12 month purchases (2010)
* Budgets & Revenues of Storage using Segments and Regions
* Brand Image Rankings of Leading Brands of Storage Device Manufacturers
* Five-Year Industry Forecast of Sales by Units, Dollars, by Applications, by Segments, and by Regions

Brands Covered
Ampex, Avid, Ciprico, EMC2, EVS, E-media, Epson, G-tech, Grass Valley Group (Thomson), GE, Harris, Hitachi, IBM, In-Phase, Iomega, Imation, LaCie, MassTech, Maxtor, Medea, Omneon, Panasonic, Philips/DVS, Samsung, SeaChange, SeaGate, Silicon Graphics (SGI), Sony, Sun Microsystems, Toshiba, Western Digital (and more)
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